Can topical, probiotic sprays be used to relieve eczema?

Our probiotic topical spray works on many levels and for many people it will help reduce eczema. For some it will simply soothe the irritation and reduce the scratching associated with it. For others, it will also help with the underlying issues. It varies depending on the person.

Do your probiotic sprays have a preservative?

Our topical probiotic sprays for children, adults and pets, are formulated without any preservatives. The products contain live probiotic bacteria and purified water, and nothing more. They contain at least 8 billion cfu’s of probiotic per 4 oz bottle. The probiotic is grown with 100% organic ingredients, no chemicals, no pesticides, etc. It’s been organically [READ MORE]

Can BabyBiotics be sprayed in the mouth?

Absolutely! It’s great for teething, thrush, mouth sores, cavity and plaque fighter, sore throats and overall oral health. Also entirely safe and beneficial if swallowed. My toddler and I take a squirt every morning and every evening since he was born! In fact, FemBiotics and MenBiotics are also safe, if ingested.

If I order this product, won’t the probiotics die by the time it is shipped and delivered? Don’t they need to be cold to stay alive?

Great question! After much research, Smart-n-Healthy chose this probiotic specifically for our therapeutic sprays because of its safety, benefits and because its endospores (very tough outer shells) can withstand extreme variations in environmental conditions. We haven’t had any issues with the billions of probiotics dying in transit or soon after. Our probiotic sprays, FemBiotics, MenBiotics and BabyBiotics [READ MORE]

Are your probiotic products cruelty free, non gmo, and/or vegan?

We guarantee to never participate in animal testing. All of our probiotic products are vegetarian. Most products are vegan, except for the few that contain sustainable sourced beeswax. We would never hide anything in our products. If a product contains beeswax it is noted, but if you have any questions or concerns feel free [READ MORE]

Is this gluten-free? Can I spray this in my mouth?

Yes, FemBiotics is gluten free! It's also vegan, hypoallergenic, non GMO, preservative free, fragrance free, chemical free. FemBiotics is 100% natural and in the process of being organically certified! Only probiotics and water. Entirely safe for internal and external use.


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