Probiotics Research

Probiotics Research
Siani Probiotic Skin Care Products Research

Bringing topical probiotic products to market that provide consumers with actual benefits.

Science-backed results.

Our products are clinically tested, supported by science, and patent-protected worldwide.

In recent studies, results have shown:

  • Increase moisturization 19.10%

  • Increase skin elasticity 5.22%

  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 62.99%

  • Minimize the appearance of roughness 19.44%

  • Reduce the appearance of pore size 48.10%

  • Diminish the appearance of redness 33.33%

  • Decrease hand dryness by 89.8% in one week

  • And more

Our proprietary process protects the metabolic activity of the probiotic without the use of synthetic preservatives. Our highly stable probiotic ingredient is ideally suited for almost any food, beverage, or animal health application. Our body and facial products are the first patented, probiotic-derived, topical cosmeceutical probiotic products to reduce the visible signs of aging dramatically.


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My family and I love the soaps. We also use the probiotic spray and lotion to treat rosacea flare ups and eczema. Excellent products as well as customer service.

Deb White

As a lifelong allergy sufferer, especially skin related, this is a Godsend! I should buy stock in your company. Thank you for your hard work!

Tracy Kenney

These products are amazing! My skin issues are under control with this!

Camille Fiona Nieves

I absolutely LOVE the probiotic spray for babies!! It is now a staple in her skin care:) Thank you Smart-N-Healthy!

Ashley Padovich

These products are the best. Cleared me right up!

Colleen Quenzel