Probiotics – a Fountain of Youth

By Robin Lee Kennedy

In the same way that ‘good‘ bacteria can calm down your tummy, evidence is building that probiotic skin care just might be a Fountain of Youth. Studies suggest that elevating the good bacteria on our skin is essential for our immune systems and can also fight wrinkles, combat sagging skin and diminish pigmentation problems.

Experts agree that these beneficial bugs have the ability to slow down the aging process.

“I have been very impressed by the ability of Probiotics to have a tremendous effect in truly slowing the aging process.”
– Steve Cohen, MD, FACS. La Jolla, CA

“We think we have discovered a genuine Fountain of Youth.”
– Andrew Mark Klapper, MD, Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery.

“Probiotics stimulate the skin’s immune system repairing natural defenses, preventing collagen damage, and hydrating the skin, thereby slowing the aging process.”
– Nick Lowe MD, Cosmetic Dermatologist

 Skin is a Natural Defense

The skin is the largest and one of the most complex organs in the human body. A natural defense against external assaults, the skin provides 3 levels of protection:

A microbial barrier: On the surface the skin flora (microbiota) stimulates the immune system and protects the body against opportunistic bacteria.
A physical barrier: The stratum corneum or horny layer is made up of dead cells and is the first line of physical defense.
A biological layer: The dermis and epidermis comprise the live layer of skin.

Disrupting the Microbiota

While a healthy microbiota will protect the skin from infection and increase its ability to heal and repair, environmental pollutants, astringents, alcohol and even stress can disrupt this natural balance, resulting in a reduction in cellular respiration, cellular metabolism and collagen production.

These shortfalls cause fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and a dull appearance.

Many lotions, creams and other skin treatments provide temporary relief from common skin conditions, but can also offset its natural balance, causing dryness, dullness, and other signs of premature aging.

Skincare Giants Embrace Probiotics

Probiotics work on the surface to maintain moisture and fight the bad bacteria causing redness, sensitivity, spots and infections.

The beneficial bugs also penetrate the deeper levels to repair skin DNA and build collagen. So it’s not surprising that skincare giants like Clinique, Lancome, Chantecaille, L’Oreal, Miessence, Nude and Revive are injecting beauty bugs into anti-aging serums and moisturizers to help soothe and plump the skin hoping to turn back the hands of time.

Probiotic Beauty Boosters

Unlike traditional anti-wrinkle and acne treatments such as retinols and benzoyl peroxide, known to irritate the skin, probiotic beauty boosters are very gentle.
Probiotics reduce skin irritation, protect against premature aging, and are showing profound improvements with acne, dermatitis, milia and multiple rashes. They’ve also shown a propensity to protect the skin against the negative influence of UV light, help bolster the immune system and, stimulate DNA repair.

The Buzz About Beauty Bugs

Although these are big boasts, there is serious science to back up the buzz about beauty bugs.

The 2011 Nobel prize was awarded to a team that proved how skin bacteria acts as an important immune system for the body. Further studies have illustrated that probiotics improve eczema and ward off acne-causing bacteria.
So whether you have great skin that you want to preserve or problematic skin issues you’d like to resolve naturally, it might be worth your while to jump on the beauty bug bandwagon.

Topical probiotics

• Restores the balance to your skin through a carefully developed composition.
• Improves the appearance of your skin by balancing its natural microflora.
• Nourishes your skin with conditioners that add moisture and retain elasticity.
• Lowers the risk of inflammation and infection by minimizing pathogenic bacteria.
• Drastically reduces body odour as probiotic workers rush to areas where sweat collects and multiply to displace odour-causing bacteria.
• Maintains a germ-free toothbrush, reducing dental plaque, caries, gingivitis and unpleasant mouth odours.
• Reduces skin irritation from shaving by preventing bacteria from colonizing on your razor.
• Cleans your drain. When you’re finished washing or brushing, probiotic microbes go to work on your drain, eating up organic substances, keeping it fresh and clean.

Note: The proprietary bacterial strains used in Siani products are all natural strains and have not been subject to any gene splicing or recombinant technologies (No GMO). They are beneficial and classified as Type 1 (harmless organisms). They have been approved for organic use and fed 100% organic ingredients, using no pesticides or chemicals.

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