About Probiotic Skin Care

About Probiotic Skin Care

Probiotic Skin Care

Our Probiotic Skin Care Story:

Living Life the Natural Way is the only way for us at Siani Probiotic Body Care!  

We believe that the earth provides all of the ingredients needed to achieve beautiful skin. Our products are carefully and ethically cultivated from nature. We are proud to have created amazing probiotic skincare products by incorporating advanced probiotic technology with natural and organic ingredients. We invite you to experience the difference of using our natural and organic products with advanced probiotic skincare technology. 

The idea behind our name is simple… be smart, be healthy. 

Based in Florida, our small team of Smart-N-Healthy women consists of Jacqueline, Maria, and Vickie. Jacqueline and Maria are two working Moms in the health and medical industries. Vickie (Jacqueline’s Mom) has over 40 years of experience in nutrition and medicinal food healing. 

When we first heard of topical probiotics for beauty, we had to try it – BUT we could not find any products that were free of toxins and allergens, we found most of the companies starting to use probiotic technology were not natural, they tested on animals, and were very expensive. So we decided to make our own!

We had amazing results.

Next, we shared our beauty concoctions with friends and family. They saw these amazing results as well! This is all how three non-business women got the crazy idea to start a company! We are so happy that our products are working well for others. We get so many great testimonials from users. It’s awesome! 

We are busy developing new formulas and adding to our research to bring you more products that will keep you Smart-N-Healthy. There is a steady stream of scientific studies and clinical testing coming in regarding the benefits of probiotics that we are reviewing. There are also studies confirming the connection between diseases and various toxins with their effects on our health. We want to keep offering new products that make a difference in people’s lives.

Sign up for our newsletter, which will provide smart and healthy tips on how to live a natural lifestyle! We always have time for our customers though, you are welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Customer Comments

My family and I love the soaps. We also use the probiotic spray and lotion to treat rosacea flare ups and eczema. Excellent products as well as customer service.

Deb White

As a lifelong allergy sufferer, especially skin related, this is a Godsend! I should buy stock in your company. Thank you for your hard work!

Tracy Kenney

These products are amazing! My skin issues are under control with this!

Camille Fiona Nieves

I absolutely LOVE the probiotic spray for babies!! It is now a staple in her skin care:) Thank you Smart-N-Healthy!

Ashley Padovich

These products are the best. Cleared me right up!

Colleen Quenzel
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