We recommend after first application, a 3 year expiration date for Siani’s BabyBiotics, FemBiotics, MenBiotics and Probiotic PetSolutions. A clinical study shows that our probiotic formulas are still viable after 7 years! So this is not much of a concern.

Note: Diluting the probiotic formula will “activate” or “awaken” the good bacteria changing the shelf life. So if diluted, best to use within 5 days.

Refrigeration is not necessary thank goodness…that would make a very chilly experience for some. However, if you enjoy the chill then refrigerate. No harm done. Best to store indoors under 100F.

The probiotics naturally separate and settle to the bottom (probiotics weigh more than water) so shake well before application. Once applied to your body the organic probiotics work under the skins surface microscopically for up to 3 days.

Each batch of our formulas is tested before going to market to make sure the priobiotic is viable and meeting the highest standards. Our probiotic is grown with 100% organic ingredients, no chemicals, no pesticides, no gmo!

Note: Batches may vary slightly. Please do not be concerned if the probiotic that settles to the bottom is light or darker in color, or if clear or cloudy. If there was a problem with the probiotic then the formula would smell rotten, very unpleasant odor. This is extremely rare and may be caused by exposure to extremely high temperatures or freezing.

If the formula arrives somewhat frozen in winter months, allow the bottle to thaw without much movement. What can cause damage to the probiotic are the ice crystals if shaken. Once thawed, use as desired.