Most of our formula batches are lighter in color, but some are darker. We had a batch some months ago that seemed not as clear with darker probiotic. We had it tested and all was good. The probiotic naturally separates and settles to the bottom. This is why the directions say “Shake Well”.

Our 4 oz sprays have at least 8 billion cfu’s of live probiotic. That’s a lot! It is much more noticeable when they are darker. The probiotic is grown with 100% organic ingredients, no chemicals, no pesticides, etc. Non GMO, NSF Certified. Organically approved. Vegan. And if the probiotic would somehow be contaminated or go bad it would smell terribly rotten. We have studies that show that our probiotic are still viable after 7 years. We also have some big certifications to answer to, so we take the extra step to ensure the best.