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    Healthy Belly Complete Superfood is a superior super food like none other. Healthy Belly Complete Superfood has health promoting properties and may help improve your overall physical and emotional well-being. The ingredients in HBC are a perfect, cohesive, symbiotic blend working in perfect harmony for the betterment of all that take it. The ingredients have been carefully curated to work together. HBC is not just about your health it is about your future. Most people believe in preventative maintenance, especially when it comes to their car. The same goes for your body and personal well-being. As we age, our bodies decline and we require some preventative maintenance…so that we may live a long, happy, healthy and pain-free life! So..Drink up, love life, and be good to yourself!
  • Our Calcium Bentonite Detox Clay Powder Acts as a Catalyst to Improve Nutrient Assimilation.

    Our Calcium Bentonite Detox Clay Powder both absorbs and adsorbs free radicals, toxins, metabolic waste, bacteria, and heavy metals from the body, setting the stage for optimal health and wellness.

    Historically used by American Indians for purification and healing. Our Calcium Bentonite Detox Clay Powder can be used internally and/or externally for detoxifying your body, balancing your pH, acid reflex, clearing acne, psoriasis, eczema, eliminating parasites, cleaning digestive tract, colon cleansing, fibromyalgia, shingles, hemorrhoids, indigestion, nausea, candida, sinusitis, tendonitis, ulcers, diverticulitis, cold sores, arthritis and more.

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